Sunday, July 27, 2014

What the Black!

When BlogAdda says 'A lot of the ​best things in this world are black', I agree. In fact, here I am going to list down my favourite black things.

(1) IBM Thinkpad: Purchased during my college sophomore year, i.e., 2006 and utilized lavishly till 2011, this ultimate black piece of computing now lies obsolete in one corner of my home, but still preserved like a valuable antiquity. ThinkPad models are revered by technology enthusiasts, collectors and power users due to their durable design, relatively high resale value, and abundance of aftermarket replacement parts. ThinkPad laptops have been used in space, and was by 2003 the only laptop certified for use on the International Space Station. The ThinkPad has introduced innovations, including the TrackPoint, ThinkLight, Active Protection System, roll cage design to minimize motherboard flex, stainless steel hinges, a biometric fingerprint reader, Client Security Solution, ThinkVantage Technologies, and drain holes to help reduce damage to the keyboard and components from accidental spillage. A motherload of all these classic innovations in my prudent hands transformed me into what I am now.

IBM Thinkpad R60 

(2) iPad Black: This is one thing I don't have yet and possess a sinful desire for it (not in the literal sense). iPad and the Smart Cover (intense) black make a really smart pair. Magnets inside each align for a precise fit. A soft microfibre lining keeps the display clean. When you open the Smart Cover, iPad wakes up. Close it and iPad goes to sleep. Fold it, and you have a stand for reading, viewing or typing. And the Smart Cover tops off your iPad with a touch of colour - the intense and brooding sensational black.

(3) My fiancee's hairdo:

The rich and swanky free-flowing black mane of my to-be just makes my world go crazy. A special poem from my heart I dedicated earlier to my Valentine [:-*]

Lady of My Dreams

Blissful face, and eyes dreamy
blessed nature, tresses dispersed
A single view of yours for me
is a vista of the whole universe

Gracious grin and divine smile
charming tone of the seductive voice
Your walk stretches heaven's guile
not-being-in-your-awe ain't a choice 

In your shadow, my spirit gleams
takes over me an aura smothered
If you ain't here, lady of my dreams! 
living a lie, I don't bother 

Your existence solely in thoughts even
maketh my day glimmer;
To meet you on earth or in heaven 
awaiting that moment for ever 


(4) Mercedes S-class Black edition:

A rare ingenuity - the epitome of luxury and impudence, Mercedes S-class Black edition gives your eyes a classic visual treat.

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