Monday, July 21, 2014

Super zest of my life

Following are a few of the things which add great zest to my short life on the Earth:

(1) Badminton: Everyone has his own way of meditation; mine is Badminton.
Playing badminton is the only time when I am utterly focussed on one and only one task. Rest of my time, if not sleeping, is spent multi-tasking. Badminton calms my external being and soothes my internal being, thus bringing the best amalgamation of myself.

(2) Cycling: One can understand this zest only when he or she has cruised the wind at a speed of >30 km/h bare-faced. I have loved bicycling since my school days, making way through tar roads without holding handles in the morning time when rush is less, half-pedalling with caution on water-flooded roads during monsoon only to reach my intermediate school 13 kms away from home. But since then, I could savor cycling during college holidays when I used to come back home and visit old friends cycling all the way to different parts of the city. Unable to hide my passion for any long, recently I purchased my first mountain bike (MTB) Scott Aspect 640 on which I have completed more than 1000 km till now. And the latest fever on my mind is to become a Randonneur by completing 200 km in 13.5 hours. Thumbs up!

(3) Reading novels: This is one ultimate pastime when I don't want to do anything else. Just lie down in my cot and go on savoring wonderful lives, different worlds, amazing personalities infinitude. I have finished reading more than 100 novels as of now and have now also become an occasional book reviewer.

(4) Adventure: Now if there's one word which describes me to most extent, it's Adventurous. Every breath I take if devoid of adventure feels heavy and dull. Being adventurous imparts liveliness to the moments present as well as those when it pops up as a breathtaking memory.

(5) Poetry: The window of one's soul, poetry completes my emotional being by pouring my eternal or situational feelings into rhyming words. I just don't feel relaxed at the night unless I create atleast a two-liner before retiring to my beautiful sleep.

मेरी कविता क्या है! ... सच्चाई के दो मोती हैं
एक खुशी की परछाईं का, एक दर्द की गहराई का
विकास प्रताप सिंह 'हितैषी'

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