Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mardaani 4

What do you do when someone passes lewd comments to you?! Do you just listen praying inside and consoling yourself that he will stop in sometime, or do you take avatar of a mardaani and teach the errant a lesson?

He took offence when she refused to give her number, after a horror trip laced with lewd comments and inappropriate touching.

A 20-year-old girl was molested by an errant autorickshaw driver at a busy junction in the city. Shivani was returning to her PG in the evening. She hired an auto but was forced to ask the autorickshaw driver  to stop the vehicle midway and get down because she was fed up with the driver's misbehaviour throughout the journey. The last straw for Shruti was when the abusive driver asked for her mobile number.

But her tormentor didn't stop at that. He then started driving recklessly. Only when she threatened to report him to police did he stop the vehicle. She paid him the meter fare and had already got into another autorickshaw parked near the traffic light when he followed her and molested her. Not only did he touch her inappropriately while she was getting out of his auto, he also followed her on foot and pulled her hand. He also threatened the driver of another autorickshaw hired by Shivani to which the intimidated second driver even asked her to leave his vehicle. The abusive driver then pulled at her clothes.

Shruti just stood there frozen in horror for few minutes until she gathered the courage to slap the auto driver and called the police immediately about the situation and her location. A few people even came over to where she stood but on seeing the abusive driver, kept quiet but tried to summon a few autorickshaws which did not respond. But none of them had the guts to come forward and help a lady in distress. None of them is worthy of being called a Mard, but the victim showed how one should help themselves in such situations by waking the Mardaani inside them.

P.S. -- This is written as a part of I am Mardaani activity exclusively at for Indian Bloggers.

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