Sunday, July 27, 2014

What the Blackkkk!!!

Here continues the list started in my previous post regarding the utmost black things I love or yearn for:

(1) Black Hole: One thing which has always fascinated me since childhood when we learnt about it in science class in 9th standard is Black Hole. Although I had a vague idea about Supernova from my favourite tv series Captain Vyom, but when I got to know about the whole physical phenomenon I was spellbound. I have always been much intrigued by Astronomy and Space mysteries which keep unravelling newer every week.

(2) Black shoes: I am fond of formal black shoes. It's just the most preferred colour which looks your feet elegant when worn. So many sleek and sexy designs available with every shoe manufacturer and international brands, but the best as well as economical black shoes I like are Liberty Gliders Men's Black Formal Shoes. The amount of relaxation and comfort it provides to the soles of my feet is just amazing.

(3) Mobile phone: I equally like both the white as well as black editions of smartphones. Thus, I bough myself Micromax Canvas HD A116i (white) and got my fiancee Micromax Canvas 2.2 A114 (black). And I must say, although the user interface of my phone is better but the slim design and sleek contours of my fiancee's phone can take away anyone's breath for second. Before I had any smartphone, i.e., before December 2013, all my feature phones had been black Nokia ones. Black just seems to be a natural colour for mobile phones.

(4) Black aviators: When it comes to aviators, the name most easily comes to mind is Ray Ban. The darn uber cool look one gets while flashing black aviators over his eyes gives a sense of machoism over and out. Have yet to buy one of these, damn!

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