Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A glance is all that's required for a chance...

His clean shaven look bowled her over. He was a cricketer practicing in the nets, and he looked as sharp in his looks as his bowling skills. She used to watch him outside the nets, where she used to practice for her archery competition. Both of them were around the age of 17-18. The stubble had come naturally to him and the beauty to her in the last couple of years. 

Before this day too, they had seen each other practising their respective games, but none had taken the initiative to talk to each other. Guess they were shy of approaching each other although both had a smitten look all over them whenever their eyes met. Just the catch of a glance or two from the other one made their day everyday.

But today was the first time, she was seeing him clean shaven. What she didn't know was he had taken care of his looks so that he can go to her and ask her name that day. As soon as she entered the playground, she observed that he was standing near her archery practice stand. She was surprised to see him strolling over there, but more than that she was pleased to be herself approaching the handsome. Their eyes met and just a simple glance that day clean bowled her even though he wasn't bowling that day :D

Now that was the start of something interesting between them ;)

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