Thursday, December 5, 2013

I shaved, I conquered, I left

I hate that unclean stubble. That's why, I have written a poem just now, dedicated to the P.A.S.S. campaign, initiated by BlogAdda and mentioned in my last blog post as well:

Once the mornings used to be breezy
Shaving didn't come out to be so easy
For all, the barber had to rescue the day
Always a long queue, come what may!

Then were invented the personal razors
With pinpointing accuracy just like lasers
Friend of men, and the enemy of stubble
Gillette then came out with the blades double

The act got reduced to just a few minutes
Shaving nowadays doesn't require any guts
It's all become so easy, it's all so fun
No cuts, nor any kinda burning irritation

A well-lit face complements one's dress
Gives extra confidence before the fairer sex
The glow & the zing be the talk of the town
Lo and behold, He gets Mr. Charming crown

Vikas Pratap Singh 'हितैषी'

Gone are the days when one could have ruled any relation, or the world, with just his good behaviour or killer intelligence or flawless humour. Well-maintained looks go a long way in making or strengthening any bond. Greatness lies not only in character but also in nobility. Somewhere sometime I learned this lesson to my benefit and the quote below signifies it the best:

I shaved, I went, I conquered, I left

I wish to prove my allegiance to the activity of Protest Against Smelly Stubble through the poem of mine above. I P.A.S.S., I win :)

Moreover, I would like to tag my blogger friend Ankita Singhal in this post.

P.S. -- This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.
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