Monday, December 9, 2013

Life is no life without...

Of course, life is no life without respect and integrity, grit and determination, love and care. It's a common thing that we take most of our loved ones for granted, thinking ourselves of what they want or need, without even asking them once or putting ourselves in their shoes. And when these acts tend to happen quite often, the person starts losing respect in his circle - friends or family.

One of such acts is not shaving regularly while keeping stubble without taking into consideration whether our partner likes it or not. Although I myself hate that unclean stubble, and I am not saying that she has to decide even on such personal tasks for us; but keep this in mind - the satisfaction and happiness of your better half ain't going to do any damage, rather it will only help strengthening the bond between you two. So next time, if you find yourself under confusion or you don't feel the need to shave after a long, tiring day, or in the early morning before going to office, just ask your partner for her bit of advice. You are going to love the outcome, I guarantee you.

Life is really simple, you know. You just have to take care of yours and your near and dear ones' small small things which gives them happiness. That's the gist of life, go ahead and live it, grab it, share it, and in the due process, make it better :)

Have a happy shaving. Have a happy partner. Have a happy life!

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