Monday, December 16, 2013

Is this it?!

Clearly, one of the life's facets whenever we accomplish something is to ask ourselves afterwards - "Is this it?! Is this what I wanted to achieve?" If the answer is yes, then the feeling of exhilaration is going to be over you for a few more hours till it sinks in your heart. But what if the answer is no?! Would you go for it again or would you change your course? It all matters on your priorities as well as your perspectives, and also on the importance of the completion of that task in your daily life. 

One of the simpler examples I can give you here is related to our daily upkeep when it comes to the matter of shaving our stubble / beard. The question here is also the same - "Is this how I want to look?" A mirror is a great invention of mankind among several others of more utmost importance. It not only gives you a perspective of your outer body but also your inner thoughts in connection to the former. So when you see your face in the mirror every morning, do you ask yourself this question - "Is this it?! Should I shave or should I leave the stubble to grow for one more day?" And then your heart looks in the mirror while your mind replies to the daunting task at hand. All depends on the particular individual. 

God knows I hate that unclean stubble, therefore in my case, most of the times, I just make up my mind and go for the morning face work (shaving) so as to let mirror admire my handsome looks :D 

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