Thursday, December 12, 2013

You need a ...

"What else do you want? I have Louis Philippe shirt, Levi's jeans, Adidas shoes, Gucci perfume, Mercedes car. I can give you whatever you want, Ms."

"You need a change of attitude, Mr. I-have-it-all. Don't you dare to talk to me like this again!"

"No yaar, just tell me na what do you want, I will present it before you in just a few minutes."

"Oho, you don't understand. It's not a matter of what I want and what you can provide. It's a thing of mutual respect and admiration. You are a good person but you have a downside of being arrogant also."

"I don't know how to ascertain your expectations. Uff, it's so hard to understand ladies."

"It may be hard, but it is surely not impossible, one just has to search deeper into her psyche and emotions to understand her."

"Okay, Ms. Philosopher, I will try more now. Will give you more of my time. Now come, let's go for a coffee, what say!"

"First go home and come clean shaven. Then, we will go for a movie too, Mr. Charming."

"Ah, I hate this unclean stubble! But I just don't get much time between work and you, to shave it off regularly. Can't we go for the coffee directly?"

"Don't be a jerk now. You go and come back with your original looks. Meantime, I will also call my parents and fix a meeting to introduce you to them in the coming week. Happy!"

"I am the happiest person on the Earth right now, sweetheart. Let me give you a kiss."

"Uh huh! Your stubble tickles. We will enjoy like this once we are at the movie. Now go and come back clean-shaved, my darling! ;)"

Moreover, I would like to tag my friends Ankita SinghalShiksha SharmaSahil MahajanRohit RajputBharadwas LS in this post.

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