Wednesday, December 18, 2013

BlogAdda Blog Award: To win is dream come true

My tentative winning speech for BlogAdda blog award:

Thank you so much, BlogAdda, for selecting me for their Blog Award. The reason I got to blogging was to showcase my poetry on a global platform. How much happy I am I just can't describe in prose, so I have written a poem for this moment:

(*personic = personal + public)

My blog is my personic* diary 
An organization of random thoughts
A medium of convection of ideas
Contests, book reviews, as well lots

Satisfaction is what keeps me alive
Happiness be the meaning of my life
Dreams perfected into blog stories
Winning moments created new memories

Started blogging to vent out my thoughts
In the process great milestones I crossed 
Blogadda contests gave it a new testing
Book reviewing always been interesting

Into blog posts, my life I got to brew
From the nature, inspiration itself drew
Thanks BlogAdda for this blog award
To win with you is a dream come true

My secret desire to be receiving this blog award is from the hands of the esteemed multi-blogger and the founder of grand project Kavita Kosh, Mr. Lalit Kumar, who has literally revolutionized the online hindi poetry scenario through Kavita Kosh, and hindi blogging through Dashamlav.

I would really, really like to get my first congratulatory hug either from my favourite Amrita Rao of Bollywood, or the great sporting icon Saina Nehwal of Badminton, or Dipika Pallikal of Squash ;)

In my moments of over-exultation on winning this coveted award, I would like to do a complete make-over of my blog, maybe get it a professional transformation and convert it to my personal domain.

And as is my habit over getting any recognition, I would celebrate with my friends by throwing a beer party. All my BlogAdda friends are also surely welcome ;)

Speech Ending Note: Although winning is the epitome of success, may my best be yet to come! :)

P.S. -- This would be My Winning Speech on being rewarded the BlogAdda Blog Award!

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