Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays

Today's Google Doodle celebrates the fact it's Christmas Eve. The illustration shows a winter scene, the trees bare of their leaves and snow covering the ground. In the foreground, two children, wrapped up against the elements can be seen in an one horse open sleigh.

On coming to our topic of PAUS (Protest Against Unclean Stubble), instead of going to a face-shaving sabbatical, we need to remember and follow certain tips.

Since I hate that unclean stubble, I present you some tips for us to prep our skin for a better winter shave:

1) Stay hydrated.
Drink. Drink. Filling up on eight glasses of water per day may seem like a challenge, but you really need to quench thirsty winter skin.

2) Avoid over-washing.
Don’t wash your face in the shower and before shaving. Too much soap and water can over-dry your skin.

3) Skip the toner.
Toners work well to remove excess oil from the skin, but it can lead to skin irritation when applied to dry winter skin that actually needs that extra oil.

4) Use soap-free cleanser.
Soaps contain surfactants that can remove skin oils that you need to maintain a healthy skin barrier. Just like toners, soaps may be abrasive during the winter. If your skin can’t tolerate soap, think about the non-soap cleansers that may be milder for you.

5) Don’t forget pre- and post-shaving care.
Always shave after showering. Moisture-softened whiskers are easier to cut than hard ones, regardless of the season. Use shaving gel and take light razor strokes. Then, finish with a heavier cream moisturizer (as opposed to a light lotion) to hydrate your dry skin.

Wishing everyone a stubble free enjoyment with family and friends. Happy Holidays!

Moreover, I would like to tag my friends Ankita Singhal, Shiksha Sharma, Sahil Mahajan, Rohit Rajput, Bharadwas LS in this post.

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