Friday, December 20, 2013

Dream Run

Running a Marathon has been a dream for Vikram since childhood. And he got his first chance when he underwent for his 2008 summer internship at Mumbai, a place which is famous for different kinds of Runs, like full marathon, half marathon, midnight marathon, etc. He reached on time before the commencement of Half Marathon which we wanted to run before he would go for full marathon next time.

Vikram was nervous a bit, but not anxious about anything. As the run began, he started jogging slowly along with hundreds of others participating in the famed event. He had built up on his strength and stamina in last few weeks owing to a great routine of morning jogs and exercises. Now was the time to run his Dream Run, and he didn't disappoint himself as he finished in top 10.

Right after marathon, he spotted me in the crowd taking pictures of top finishers along with him. We met and he asked me to show his snapshots. But Vikram was so shocked to see his pictures looking so awful. Just because he had not shaved for last 3 days, his stubble, though small, created a significant dullness in his looks which was quite visible on camera roll. And then suddenly, he woke up from the dream. He was yet on his bed and there still was time for the marathon to start. Vikram bettered on his mistake in the dream, had his face clean-shaved and yes, he finished in the Top 15 of his real Half Marathon. He then thanked me later when he saw his nice running pics on my camera. And the words he was babbling that time were - "I hate that unclean stubble. It didn't even let me sleep and dream peacefully" :P

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