Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Book Review: 'Chained' by Mehek Bassi

Tagline: Can you escape fate?


Love: One of the strongest emotions
Money: One of the deadliest powers
Fame: One of the most poisonous drugs

When fame overpowers trust, when money rules the relationships, will the true love survive?

Will Arjun be able to drag himself out of the pool of guilt, for killing his wife, Shiya?

When the superstar Rehan, is dragged from riches to rags, will he be able to live the life of a common man, again?

Is patience, always worth it?

For how long can you wait to re-unite with your lover?

What if the wait is as long as three decades?

Will they be able to change their fate, or they’ll forever remain ‘Chained’?


The novel starts with the sad and depressing condition of one of the protagonists, Arjun, and then it moves quickly into flashback. The story revolves around Shiya, a super-talented singer, and her usual college life, her friends, family, and soon-to-be boyfriend Arjun. As the narrative progresses, the reader encounters some shocking revelations based around her family life, due to which, in addition with her ever-increasing singer fan base compel her to reside in Bombay and work with superstar Rehan.

As Shiya's fame grows, she and Arjun start having some tough time together due to various insecurities. Other characters like Rehan's gossip reporter gf Tanya, Shiya's sister Mansha, their father Shekhar and her past, famous poet Razia also play important role in taking the story forward. 

Will Arjun and Shiya ever remain united? What's the mysterious past of Razia? Who is the murderer among them? Do the protagonists remain Chained to their fate?! To know answers to such questions, grab and read the book.

Review Analysis:

The book is just an average run-of-the-mill story. Laced with superficial narrative, confusing emotional scenes and naive storytelling, it never offers a feel of a quality read. The dialogues in any particular scene unfold in quite a melodramatic and capricious manner; never settling fully into poise, thus lacking finesse. It could have better been packed and published as a novella in order to offer a good quality read.


Simple language; good editing.


Superficial narrative; naive storytelling.
Mediocre plot setting
Melodramatic and capricious dialogue writing

My Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Review Copy Source: Author

About the Author:

Mehek Bassi, born and raised in facility of a small town Ludhiana, Punjab, is a fiction writer and day-dreamer! She is currently pursuing computer engineering from a college in her hometown and started blogging in April, 2012. Her debut novel ‘Chained’, which is a fictional love-story, was published in April 2013. Besides ‘Chained’, her short stories have won the heart of many readers. She manages a page on facebook (link below) where she uploads her short stories. Her website and her blog (links below) contain her entire literary work from the beginning till the present day. Besides a writer, she’s a daring Punjabi, who is always ready to take risks!Author of ‘Chained: Can you escape fate’?

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