Sunday, December 8, 2013

Where are you?

"Where are you?", she asked. "I am waiting here for so long."

"Coming soon, baby!", he answered on the phone.

"Why, what's the matter? You never get late whenever we rendezvous?"

"It's..... nothing... I will reach there soon enough. Just wait for a few more minutes, love!"

"I ain't gonna talk to you if you don't tell me what's the reason behind you running late, honey", she teased but making it stern.

"It's just that last night I came home very late due to an unscheduled meeting at the office, couldn't skip it. So, woke up quite late in the morning. A look in the mirror and lights on, I could see that my face needed a shave. That's it, half an hour wasted there; hence, late in meeting you, sweetheart. All unintentional." He explained. "I so wish I didn't have to do this wasted act every alternate day, huh."

"Whoa, don't you dare come to me with that pinching stubble of yours. It's so irritating, you know!", she quirked.

"I know, darling, therefore I thought a little bit of delay is nothing in comparison to not making you feel disgruntled due to my beard." He smiled in between the conversation.

"Aha... it's good, very good, how you care about me too in your life. I love you, dear!" She hesitated in the last few words slightly.

"Wow, so the first time I got to hear that. Thank you. And I love you too very much, my dearest! Look behind you."

And there he was standing with a rose in his hand, on his knees. His clean shaven look bowled her over definitely. She accepted the beautiful rose and they hugged, like it was never going to come anytime soon.

Love wins the heart. Shaving wins the eyes

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