Thursday, December 19, 2013

Strangers with a stubble

Majority of the people have a strong affinity not to talk to strangers, and particularly not to those who seem suspicious. The last word in the last sentence is a relative term with respect to everyone. But most of us will agree on the point that if a person is looking shabby or carries a beard, (putting religious sentiments aside) we may not want to be talking to him even when he is keen to initiate or maintain a conversation. I myself hate that unclean stubble.

This is just a basic mentality of nearly everyone. How can you converse with one whom you cannot place your basic confidence in? An unclean stubble thus goes a long way in impeding the strike when a lovely chat could have pleased the people involved. Now directing my point towards the people with such unkempt look, I would like to ask you not to try hard to engage someone stranger to you because he/she won't able to place that little belief in you, and you shall understand this when you visualize yourself to be standing in his/her place.

Thus the best way to go about is to Gillette shave your stubble regularly so as not to make others as well as yourself uncomfortable at a strange place and time. Have a lovely day!

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