Friday, December 27, 2013

Weekend starts

So the weekend starts from today evening. How have you all been doing? I hope all the gentlemen reading my recent blog posts have got the importance of clean shaving one's face regularly. Why! Because a stubble is always unclean, no matter how much you take care of its hygiene. Its basic nature is to accumulate dirt and sweat (dirt from the atmosphere and sweat from the perspiration through sweat pores on our face). Since last few posts of mine have been in favour of protest against unclean and smelly stubble, even if atleast one person gets to understand and follow routine shaving (preferably with Gillette), then my blog posts would have attained their purpose.

Still, it's an appeal on my part to those who have not yet understood or are reading this 'related' post for the first time. I would like you to go through last 20 of my blog posts to ascertain the need and immediate requirement of not keeping up your stubble for long. As for the fact (based on a survey), 83% of women think men with stubble haven't taken a bath. Do you want to get counted in that category? If yes, fine, your wish. For those who don't, keep reading my blog posts for P.A.U.S. activity for a couple of days more.

Thank you, BlogAdda, for giving me this opportunity where I could proclaim - I hate that unclean stubble.

Moreover, I would like to tag my friends Ankita SinghalShiksha SharmaSahil MahajanRohit RajputBharadwas LS in this post.

P.S. -- Protest Against Unclean Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

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