Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Be good to life, it will be good to you

This incident happened not long back. Last year I was visiting my aunt's home around August when suddenly a programme was hatched to go to see the prospective bride for my cousin brother. He was slogging long hours in an MNC and his personal hygiene was a thing rarely touched upon by himself. My aunt called him at work and asked him to come atleast two hours early than the time they had to leave to future in-laws' home. Upon my enquiry about the odd time of calling my cousin two hours early, she told that this will ensure him reaching here only one hour before, and that he had to shave and take bath too, hence the two hours of time.

When he came home, he was resembling some junglee adivasi. His beard was unkempt and he was not at all looking good in this form. When I confronted him how could he go to office in such condition and would his boss or HR not say anything to him regarding his personal presentation, he said that he is in R&D department and is not required to keeping high profile looks all the time. I replied it was fine but now that he was going to see a girl to be his life partner, he need to work on clean shaving his face now right now. He went in exasperation on my indulgence and insistence, and was looking so handsome once he came out of the bathroom. Luckily, his clean shaven look bowled 'her' overthe alliance matched and now they have got married just a few months ago :)

Life is like girls. If you are good to it, it will be good to you.

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