Saturday, December 14, 2013

Santa's parental gift for life's better drift

Christmas is just around the corner! The best time of the year when everybody comes together and celebrates with exuberance. The atmosphere is warm and cheerful. The Christmas trees are all lit up and beautifully decorated with all the presents bought by families and friends for each other, kept under it. Gifting with Love rules this season.

Parents play the role of Santa Claus in the lives of their children throughout.

It begins from the gift of life and goes up to looking after all their needs. Anything affecting your child directly makes a difference to you. You always wish and hope that they lead a comfortable life. Sometimes though, these acts of love take a toll when parents have to give in to the tantrums thrown by their little ones and give them what they demand. Every birthday has to be made special! They deserve it and you love doing it for them! With prayers and good wishes there’s always something you wish to give them that would make sure they lead a comfortable, hassle-free life.

As parents, nothing worries you more than your child’s growth and future. There are innumerable wishes you make for the well being of your child, the following 5 being the most prominent from my perspective:

1. A good Education

2. Strength of Character

3. Instilling traditional and moral Values

5. Successful Career of his own choice/aptitude/skill

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