Sunday, December 15, 2013

Never too late

The best thing about life is that it's never too late to do what we want to do, to change what we want to change, to look how we want to look at any time. You just have to promise yourself that you have got to change for the better. It's obvious that the time already gone won't come back ever. But that doesn't stop us from utilizing whatever little or more time we have currently at hand to do what we always wanted to do.

One of the finest instances of this scenario I have been observing in my neighbourhood lately. I came to know him a few years ago when I found him clearly under depression. On my insistence, he told me about his child abuse problems at home. His father even beat the hell out of him when he shaved for the first time in his 11th class. Lack of freedom always used to irritate him much but he couldn't take a formal stand against them as he was totally dependent on his family for living and education.

I too hate that unclean stubble myself, so what's the problem in shaving it off as it totally looks uncool among one's school fellows. Therefore, I advised him to take a silent stand in front of his abusers by clean shaving regularly from then on. Although he got scolded various times for shaving while being in school, he didn't back off.

He has now separated from his family after his college got over and he got a job. He sends a significant portion of his salary to his parents, but doesn't keep any contact with them. His will showed him the way to follow his own path as soon as he understood what he needed from his life.

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