Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cycle Day tomorrow

Last Sunday of every month., Cycle Day is celebrated in Bangalore nowadays. The trend has been carrying out for last 2 months. One can see the pics on FB. It's invigorating to see 2000 cyclists to rally for the common cause of Going Green.

I intend to add one more aspect to the campaign tomorrow - to protest against unclean stubble, by carrying my clean shaved face unlike last time. I hate that unclean stubble, as also my friend (who will be accompanying me similar to the Decathlon Mysore Road cycle rally last Sunday); will implore him so that he also shaves off his stubble today only, because there will be no time for the same tomorrow as we would have to leave around 6:30 or 6:45 am in the morning. Will upload the pics as soon as I come back from the event.

What a wonderful scene it would be if we get to see every cyclist clean-shaven to support both the causes simultaneously - Go Green and P.A.U.S., which normally we don't get to see any often. Let's hope for a better tomorrow. Moreover since this particular campaign from BlogAdda is entering its final week and coming to an end soon, let's pledge ourselves to follow this shaving routine forever.

Moreover, I would like to tag my friends Ankita SinghalShiksha SharmaSahil MahajanRohit RajputBharadwas LS in this post.

P.S. -- Protest Against Unclean Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

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