Saturday, December 7, 2013

Left or Right.. a clean-shaved face looks bright

Whenever due to crunch of time, I am not able to shave my face clean of ever-growing unwanted stubble, and I have to go somewhere to meet someone or attending a book launch / poetry event, I do feel slightly embarrassed on my unkempt looks. And I hate that unclean stubble as mine grows into a thick and dense stubble, high hormonal activity I guess, so it needs regular shaving time of atleast twice a week. And I don't like this activity much, because I deem it an unnecessary, boring waste of my time and effort. I even get slightly scolded by my family/friends sometimes when I go without trimming/shaving my facial hair for more than a week :P

But I do understand that to be presentable, you have to make yourself look good, first of all. And a clean-shaved face coupled with a comfortable attire is the best way to go for it. So mostly every Sunday, I take care of my personal hygiene and I can feel the strong connection between my razor and my cheeks; their love making once a week is what keeps rolling me too :P quite high on confidence that I am, at the least, looking my best. Going out then is never a thought which I have to ponder upon twice. Ever-ready! ;)

Left or Right
A clean-shaved face
always looks bright

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