Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Asking for love

Your soul is serving its purpose when it's asking for love. And to get loved, one needs to be pure from inside as well as outside. Inside is a complex mechanism. To be pure from the heart, one needs to have his moral fiber intact with a self-consciousness of not being unhelpful to anyone. Indeed it's a complex matter because our personality development is something which is not exactly in our control, only to an extent. The family and friends environment factor plays a very important role in shaping us what we are from inside.

But on the outside, we just have to take care of only a few things, like our looks, dress, etc. Looks obviously add most of the charm to one's persona. And carrying a clean-shaven face (I hate that unclean stubble) is the most important aspect of it. It makes us look relatable as well as presentable, making us to stand out of the regular crowd in more ways than one. Best things may or may not happen by chance; but why leave it to chance I say! A job interview, a date, a get-together... all these events are directly and readily influenced by how one carries himself/herself. Girls always spend a large part of their day time in getting themselves ready for groovy moments. But boys clearly lag behind. All they have to do is just to dress properly, show-off a decent hairstyle, and most importantly, stay away from an unclean stubble, that's it, that will make all the difference.

Moreover, I would like to tag my friends Ankita Singhal, Shiksha Sharma, Sahil Mahajan, Rohit Rajput, Bharadwas LS in this post.

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